The Light Bridge CRLS C-100 Speedbag

Special Ends {timer}


Padded, heavy duty Cordura Speedbag



-Speedbag unfolds to avoid lifting the C-100 Frame to the top of the bag
-Reflector protection checklist
-Color tags to identify Reflectors in bag
-Pocket for shoulder strap and ropes Yoke
-outside of bag for easy handling
-Slim size for easy packing
-This Speedbag will fit all versions of C-100 Frames
-Our Speedbags are made from original heavy duty Cordura in Italy
-If you need to clean the inside of the bag you can open the bottom lashes and unfold the bag completely

What's In The Box

1 x Speedbag
1 x padded shoulder strap
5 x color coded tags (to identify which Reflectors are in the bag)