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Altman Chalice 100w LED House Light


Chalice from Altman Lighting is a 100W LED architectural downlight designed for permanent installation and energy savings. Changing lamps in your fixtures has now become a thing of the past.

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Integration into an existing control system is easy with the simple three-button DMX addressing located at the top of the fixture: set it once and enjoy a smoothly integrated and energy efficient illumination solution for your area of choice.

The fixture is able to be controlled by your entertainment console, architectural control system or both; also available as a mains dimmable fixture for those facilities being built without a DMX control system, or for easy retrofit to a current installation

  • 3000°K , RGBA, WW/CW, or mixed Luxeon Rebel LEDs
  • Available in three mounting options - Pendant, Wall, and  Yoke
  • 100W LED driver
  • Ten interchangeable lenses
  • 45° swivel ball ceiling mount
  • DMX or Mains Dimmable (note, mains dimmable only available in a single colour LED only)
  • Push Button DMX Addressing and RDM compatibility
  • DMX Pass through
  • 8-bit or 16-bit selectable DMX modes
  • cETLus listed for indoor applications
  • Proudly made in the USA


Materials  Construction employs all corrosion-resistant materials and hardware.
Housing  Corrosion resistant aluminium outer shell withaluminum interior components.
Control  Mains Dimmable or DMX / RDM
Light Engine DMX Models  100W LED Array - Available in 3000K, 6000K, 3000K to 6000K Tunable White, RGBA, and RGBW.
Light Engine Mains Dimmable Models  100W LED Array - Available in 3000K and 6000K(standard), Custom arrays available - consult factory before ordering.
LED Rated Life  LED array are rated for >50,000 hours of operation.
Input Voltage  100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.83A @120VAC 0.42A @ 240VAC
Cooling  Natural Convection
Environment  0 to 40 degrees C (32 to 104 degrees F)
Lenses  8-inch diameter borosilicate glass, P AR64 or acrylic conical
Weight  12 Pounds (5.44Kg.)
Compliance  cETLus Listed



CD(Mounting)100-(LED Array)-(Body Colour)-(Control)-(Voltage)
Model:  Chalice 100W LED Luminaire
Mounting:  Pendant (P), Wall (W), or Yoke (Y)
LED Array:  RGBA or RGBW or 3K or 4K or 6K or 3K6K (tunable white) or Custom (C)*
Tim Ring Color:  Black (B) or White (W) or Custom (C)*
Control:  DMX Control (D) or Mains Dimmable (M)**
Voltage:  120VAC (120) or 220-240VAC (220)
(Example)  CDP100-3K-B-220



Altman Chalice 100w Datasheet