ARRI SkyPanel S360 DoPChoice 6x6 SnapBag

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For the SkyPanel S360, there is the new 6’x6’ Snapbag softbox. Customised for ideal fit, it is lightweight and packs up small for transport. Set up is fast due to its integral snap up frame. There is no complicated speed ring or overhead frame needed. Plus, because it mounts directly to the SkyPanel S360, there’s no set-cluttering stand required to hold the Snapbag.

Fully built up, the 6’x6’ measures 6’/183cm x 6’/183cm x 2’5”/75cm deep, yet weighs just 12.7-lbs/5.8kg. Like all DoPchoice Snapbags, the 6’x6’ employs a special reflective fabric to intensify light output. In addition, a front diffusion panel swiftly attaches right on the front for extremely even light distribution.