ARRI Orbiter Docking Ring

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Making one of the most versatile luminaire in the market even more flexible

The Orbiter now offers even more possibilities than before with the innovative Orbiter Docking Ring. This accessory enhancement expands the lighting designers’ and DP’s toolbox even further. The new tool allows for the application of already-owned third-party optics on the Orbiter as an alternative to ARRI optics while still benefiting from the quality and power of ARRI lighting.


  • Extending Orbiters’ versatility by allowing the attachment of third-party optics
  • Performance and quality boost for in-stock equipment
  • Effortless mounting onto Orbiter’s existing QLM system
  • Automatic recognition of the Docking Ring through Orbiter’s QLM system
  • Built-in low-noise cooling system
  • Can be attached to any Orbiter colour version



Which optics/accessories can be attached to the Orbiter Docking Ring?
Any third-party Projection optic, Fresnel and Cyc-optic with the size between ⌀134 mm / 5.3 in and ⌀ 161,35 mm / 6.3 in and the max. weight of 7,9 kg / 17,4 lbs. can be applied to the Orbiter Docking Ring. The user manual contains a drawing of the adapter mount and further information.

What is the max. weight of the optic/accessory that can be attached to the Orbiter Docking Ring?
The max. weight which can be applied to the Orbiter Docking Ring is 7.9 kg / 17.4 lbs.

Is the Orbiter Docking Ring needed to attach other ARRI optics?
No, there is no need to use the Orbiter Docking Ring when applying other ARRI optics. They can be attached directly to the fixture due to Orbiter’s Quick Lighting Mount (QLM).

In which colour is the Orbiter Docking Ring available?
Our first shipment of the docking ring are available in a limited edition classic ARRI blue with following stock in black.

Which LiOS version needs to be installed on the Orbiter in order to operate the Docking Ring?
The Docking Ring requires minimum LiOS Version 1.3 to be installed.


Download ARRI Orbiter Docking Ring Manual