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ARRI Orbiter Fresnel Lens 15-65 Degree


The Orbiter Fresnel Lens creates a precise light spot with a soft single shadow, and it delivers true Fresnel output with a real Gaussian field of light. The light output of Orbiter with the Fresnel lens is comparable to the ARRI L-Series L10 and True Blue ST2/3 with 2000W Tungsten bulb.


  • Large and full motorised zoom range of 15-65 degree
  • Zoom range can be controlled locally or remotely
  • A status LED display shows the current zoom angle
  • 4- and 8-leaf barn doors can be added
  • Effortless mounting thanks to Orbiter's QLM system
  • Can be attached to any Orbiter Colour version



The Fresnel lighting character works best with a large aperture and a wide zoom range. Despite its large aperture, the Orbiter Fresnel lens housing is compact (approx. 340 mm x 380 mm x 370 mm / 13.4 in x 15 in x 14.6 in) and lightweight (~ 4.5 kg / 9.5 lbs). Its lens diameter of 285 mm /11.2 in equals that of the True Blue ST2/3 and T5. The large zoom range of 15 to 65° is fully motorised and can be precisely positioned while being controlled locally via Orbiter’s Control Panel or remotely by DMX/RDM or IP based (ArtNet or sACN). The Orbiter Fresnel lens will be available in black.