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BB&S K7 Twist


The Magnetic LED Ball

Versatile Set and Museum Lighting.

Size matters and looks count - The K7 is compact, highly versatile and just plain cool. Designed for easy focusing and a great quality of light.

  • Dimmable power-supply and distribution PCBs are part of the K7 product range.
  • Fully Interchangeable Versatile Lighting System
  • Aluminum 90° Angle Base
  • Honeycomb Ring
  • Optical Mount Lens Ring
  • Rubber Angle Base
  • IES and UL Approved Cable
  • Magnetised LED Lighting Head
  • 15º Narrow Lens
  • 24º Medium Lens
  • 11º x 45º Ellipsoidal Lens
  • 43º Wide Lens



Light Source 3 W LED, each light
50,000-hour lamp life
CRI High CRI 92+, typical
Power Typical Forward Current: 700 mAh
Typical Forward Voltage: 3 V
Maximum Forward Current: 1050 mAh
Control As Separate Purchase:
0–10 V driver
DALI driver
DMX dimmer
Operating Temperature 0–104°F (0–40°C)
Head Dimensions 1.6" (41 mm), diameter each light
Weight 0.1 lb (60 g), each light


More Info

 The K7 has become very popular as set and museum display lighting. It takes up very little space and delivers a wide range of lighting option.

The K7 is attached via a strong neodymium magnet and can be focused in any direction. Beam control is obtained by the use of quick change lenses and honeycombs.

The K7 comes with a 3W LED at 2700ºK, 3000ºK or 4000ºK LED. With a diameter of 35mm the K7 is suitable for most setups.



Download BBS K7 Twist Datasheet