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BB&S Area 48 Colour LED


The Area 48 colour is the most compact full colour unit available on the market today. With 150 watt and a good 12,000 lumen output the Area 48 colour delivers stunning saturated and tinted colours as well as clean white light in both ends of the spectrum with high CRI.

The Area 48 colour is colour tweaking with white LEDs (bicolour) and in addition, RGB has been added.

Area 48 colour is the most powerful compact softlight available in the market today at only 4 kilograms (8.8 LBS) the convection cooled unit is unique.

Area 48 colour has an on board touch screen for local control and runs on DMX/RDM as well.

There is a full range of DOPchoice softboxes, snapgrids and diffusers available for the Area 48 colour.

  • High CRI all through the white range
  • Full (light) power in 5600K and 3200K
  • RGB + white + white
  • Excellent for strobing
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • High quality LEDs with extreme binning system
  • White light range between 1800 and 10.000 Kelvin.
  • Plus / minus green, plus/minus magenta setting.
  • Excellent dimming 16 bit from 0,001% to 100 %
  • Totally flicker free, can be used for real high speed shoots.
  • Superfast synced strobe


More Info

Raises Colour Accuracy Bar

Precision colour is a hallmark of BB&S Lighting. To ensure the finest colour rendition, BB&S utilises RGB and both white LEDs (3200K and 5600K) that are selectively binned to produce outstanding rendition.

Soft Output Wide Dispersion

Like the Area 48 Studio and Soft, Area 48 Colour fixtures can provide output comparable to a 1800W soft light. Maximum output is available in 5600°K and 3200°K. They deliver soft light, with wide 105º dispersion at 97.5 TLCI.

Intuitive Touchscreen Operation

An on-board touchscreen offers local control or users can perform ON/OFF and colour/white tweaking via DMX/RDM. DMX 512 also provides for daisy-chaining multiple fixtures. Settings for plus/minus green, plus/minus magenta facilitate accuracy. They also offer full range dimming (8/16 Bit from 001% to 100%) and run flicker-free at any framerate, to fully accommodate high speed shooting. It also accurately generates speed adjustable strobe effects within the fixtures software.

Small Footprint & Standard Accessories

BB&S Area 48 Colour comes with a 48V power supply, locking AC cable and TVMP. They also feature removable barn doors to add further lighting control. OPTIONAL Soft boxes, grids and diffusion are also available.

The Area 48 Colour measures just 356mm / 13.97” wide, 275mm / 10.82” high, by 115mm / 4.53” deep and weighs 5kg/ 11 pounds, so it is well suited for stands or lighting grids with the PSU mounted on the yoke. The yoke is reversible for hanging or using on stands.





Download Area 48 Colour LED Datasheet

Download Area 48 Colour User Manual 2021 1.0.0

Download Area 48 Colour DMX Protocol

Download Area 48 Colour Firmware 1_0_00