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BB&S Compact Beamlight 1


BB&S Lighting introduces the Compact Beamlight (CBL 1) —a new type of studio, stage and architectural lighting. With a 5.5” footprint, these versatile LED powerhouses draw just 40W yet produce up to 4000-lumen output at 97 CRI. While other fixtures produce a wider, less defined beam, the CBL 1 outputs a hard-shadow rendering beam that fades from 100% at centre to 50% at the edges, so it’s good for mixing and overlapping with other lights—while eliminating blinding glare.

  • Generates hard shadow, even across entire beam
  • 4000 Lumen output
  • 97 CRI
  • Small Footprint (165mm long and 140mm diameter)
  • Lightweight (1.5 kg)
  • All fixtures identical in size and weight
  • Choose from four beam angles
  • Four fixed color temperatures
  • 100% to zero smooth dimming
  • Draws 40W maximum
  • Runs silently, no fan
  • 3-pin XLR and 1.5 metre cable


More Info

The BB&S Compact Beamlight or CBL-1 is an LED light weight small form factor beam light that can be used individually on AC, used with the BB&S 4-Way Controller or used on a 14.4 VDC Battery. The CBL-1 draws 40 watts and delivers 4,000 lumens at 97 CRI. The CBL:-1 comes in 7, 11, 14 or 17 degree models. The CBL-1 also comes in either 2700K, 3000K 4000K or 5600K. The CBL-1 comes with a yoke and TVMP for mounting. Optional accessories are a 40 watt dimmer/driver with d-tap cable, the 65 watt PSU and locking AC cable, the BB&S 4-way controller and 3-Pin XLR shielded heavy duty cables in 8', 15' or 25' lengths.

BB&S Lighting introduces the Compact Beamlight (CBL 1) a new type of studio, stage and architectural lighting. With a 5.5” footprint, these versatile LED powerhouses draw just 40W yet produce up to 4000-lumen output at 97 CRI.

While other fixtures produce a wider, less defined beam, the CBL 1 outputs a hard-shadow rendering beam that fades from 100% at centre to 50% at the edges, so its good for mixing and overlapping with other lights while eliminating blinding glare.


Small & Cost-effective

BB&S CBL 1 lights are ideal for news sets and stages requiring consistent lighting and for specialty uses like approximating headlights or mounting up to 30m overhead—without spill, glare or stray light. Each fixture offers the identical 1.5 kg/3.3-lbs weight and dimensions of (165mm/ 6,5” long, Ø 140mm/ 5,7”) allowing quick repositioning within the same grid brackets or clamps as other CBL 1s.

BB&S Proprietary Tech

BB&S’ proprietary 126mm diameter collimator lens converts up to 90% of the LED output to produce a high intensity narrow beam with minimal spill. The BB&S engineers designed the Compact Beamlight to run silent due to an effective heat dissipation rear section that eliminates a cooling fan.


The 14-fixture family

Choose from four fixed color temperatures (2700°K, 3000°K, 4000°K, 5600°K)

and four beam angles: 7, 11, 13, 17 degrees-- each smoothly dimmable 100% to zero.




BBS-2801 CBL-1 ACL 2700°K
BBS-2802  CBL-1 ACL 3000°K
BBS-2803  CBL-1 ACL 4000°K
BBS-2804  CBL-1 ACL 5600°K
BBS-2809  CBL-1 VNSP 2700°K
BBS-2810  CBL-1 VNSP 3000°K
BBS-2811  CBL-1 VNSP 4000°K
BBS-2812  CBL-1 VNSP 5600°K
BBS-2821  CBL-1 Bicolor 2700°K/4000°K/5600°K
BBS-2806  CBL-1 MEDIUM 3000°K
BBS-2808  CBL-1 MEDIUM 5600°K
BBS-2813  CBL-1 WIDE 2700°K
BBS-2814  CBL-1 WIDE 3000°K
BBS-2815  CBL-1 WIDE 4000°K
BBS-2816  CBL-1 WIDE 5600°K



Download BB&S Lighting Compact Beamlight Datasheet