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BB&S Pipeline Reflect Remote Phosphor LED


BB&S Pipeline products are used in 1000`s of venues and studios every day.

After numerous requests from BB&S clients we have finally developed a new remote phosphor lighting system for studio applications, we call it the BB&S Pipeline reflect.



  • Comes up to 8 foot long, eminent for eliminating shadows on anchors when using technocranes and track mount robotic cameras that may from time to time be in the way of the lighting
  • It´s still remote phosphor with the brilliant colour rendition
  • No Spill Light
  • The aluminium housing around the Pipeline ensures optimal light controll + makes it very robust
  • The light beam reaches twice as far as the old pipelines
  • You can add frost filters or anti glare inside the fixture
  • You can mount your 9 solutions bracket directly on the fixture
  • You can mount the fixtures alongside each other to make a few short pipes appear as one long
  • The Pipeline Reflect System comes in several different lengths: 10cm (4") / 20cm (8") / 30cm (1 Foot) / 60cm (2 Foot) / 90cm (3 Foot) / 120cm (4 Foot) / 180cm (6 Foot) / 240cm (8 Foot)
  • Available in 3200K, 4300K & 5600K
More Info

What can the Pipeline Reflect System do that the old one could not ?

Most importantly the Pipeline Reflect System is collimated light dispersing in a 90 degree angle with practically no spill light, the high quality reflectors mounted in the profile ensures a clean reflection. We have made a rigid extrusion enabling us to supply up to 8 feet long pipeline reflect lights. Pipeline reflect can be controlled via the BB&S 4 way controllers. This is ideal for studio installations where controllers can be wall mount and one cable pr. light goes from the controller to the cealing, making the installation look very “clean“ without tons of dmx and powercables.



Download BB&S Pipeline Reflect Remote Phosphor LED Datasheet