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DoPchoice Rabbit-Ears Snapbag 3ft Lantern


The new SNAPBAG Lantern 3 has a 3ft diameter and easily fits to all current RABBIT-EARS including the mini and rectangular. In addition to the standard lantern top covers, there are optional black covers available to give adjustable control of the ambient spill light with easy zipped sections.


Mounting System Duo Pole Fit
Installed size LxWxH 105 x 105 x 63 cm 41 x 41 x 25 in
Installed weight 1.55 kg / 3.42 lb
Packed size LxWxH 114 x 44 x 11 cm 45 x 17 x 4 in
Packed weight 1.8 kg / 3.97 lb


What's In The box

Including SNAPBAG Lantern, Backcovers, Skirts and Carry Bag