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Fiilex T365 DMX LED Track Light


With the T365, Fiilex brings its advanced LED technology to the world of track lighting. No other LED track fixture comes close to matching the T365's combination of a compact form-factor with intense, broadcast-quality illumination. Unobtrusive and powerful, the T365 can turn any space into a studio.

  • DMX controllable (3-channels: intensity, CCT, hue)
  • Dims to 0% without flicker or color shift
  • 2800 - 6500K continuous CCT tuning
  • ±0.25 green adjustment
  • High CRI at every color temperature
  • 300W tungsten output, 85W power draw
  • Designed for use with standard pipe-clamps
  • Less than 12" of clearance required
  • Lightweight (less than 4.5lbs with AC power cable)
  • Integrated power supply
  • Compatible with light modifiers




CCT Range 2800 - 6500K Continuous Tuning
CRI 97 Typical.
Hue Control ±0.25 Green
Dimming 100% - 0% Flicker Free
Light Engine Dense Matrix LED
Power Draw 85W Max (300W Tungsten Equivalent)
AC Input 120V AC, 60Hz
DMX Control 3-CH (Intensity, CCT, Hue) via TRRS Ports
Display Type OLED
Mount Locking DMX Track Attachment
Thermal Design Advanced Vapor Cooling System (Fan Cooled)
Acoustic Noise 22.7dB (Professional Recording Studio Level)
Operating Temperature 32-104ºF / 0-40º C

  T360 T365
Fresnel Size N/A 5"
Beam Angle 65° (33° With 2" Fresnel) 12° - 31°
Weight 2.98lbs / 1.35kg 4.08 lbs / 1.85 kg
Size L 5.6" x W 8.2" x H 4.7" L 8.4" x W 8.2" x H 7.5"
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The T365 is compatible with a wide range of light-modifying accessories. Smaller magnetic attachments include diffusers, fresnels, honeycombs, and gel holders. The safety-minded design of the T-Series includes integrated lockdown screws for available accessories.

The T365 model features the 5" Zoom Fresnel, a powerful attachment that narrows the light's output, increasing intensity by 800% at full focus.

Each fixture is also DMX512 compatible, allowing users to operate them remotely via the Fiilex DMX Controller or any standard DMX board.

In addition to being extremely low-profile, these 85W lights boast many of the same advanced control features of the Fiilex second generation P-Series, including wide-gamut colour tuning, full dimming, and hue adjustment. At every setting these lights maintain excellent CRI (97 Typical). Fixtures are also available in white for better integration into mixed-use spaces.





Download Fiilex T365 DMX LED Track Light Datasheet

Download Fiilex T-Series DMX LED Track Light Manual

Download Fiilex T-Series IES Files