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Gantom DarkBox Programmer DMX Addresser & Configurator


The DarkBox Programmer is used to program the start address to the Precision DMX, Gantom DMX, or DarkBox DMX Micro. Buttons and LED display provide easy operation and visual feedback. Also features a 224 channel single scene output, perfect for holding colours or patterns on any DMX fixture. A single DarkBox Programmer is  needed to control all of our DMX compatible devices.


More Info

Very simple to use: plug in the device to be programmed (Precision DMX, Gantom DMX, or DarkBox DMX Micro) on one end and power on the other end, adjust the controls to the desired address and push “X” to write the new address into the device’s memory. Unplug the DarkBox Programmer and link the programmed device onto the DMX system and you’re good to go!

The DMX Programmer also features built-in a 224 channel DMX controller for use with static effects. A great tool to have for signal and fixture verification. This tool is also electrically protected from DMX line short circuits.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with all DMX devices
  • Address programming
  • Fixture programming
  • 224 channel constant output
  • Preset Precision DMX sequences
  • Address verification
  • Precision DMX 7 channel demo