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Hide-a-lite LEDstrip Neon Side IP68


Side bending LEDstrip IP68 giving a homogenous lighting without accessories. Polyurethane encapsulation protects and provides superior service life with increased flexibility. Resistant to pressure and can handle tough ambient temperatures both indoors and outdoors. Stick-free, does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean Comes in 4m rolls with two 20cm connecting cables with IP65 couplings and clips. Also available made to measure in optional lengths up to 8m in 5cm intervals. At lengths over 5m, two lengths are delivered which need to be linked together. Connects to 24VDC, drivers ordered separately.


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Download Hide-a-lite LEDstrip Neon Side 4000K 4m Datasheet

Download Hide-a-lite LEDstrip Neon Side IP68 Manual