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IFF ACTA30 Self-Climbing Hoist


Self-Climbing lighting hoist with up to 4.5 m (10') pipe and up to 9 lighting circuits. Max drop up to 13 m. 

Onboard motor self-climbing hoist to raise and lower lighting fixtures. Provides easy and fast access to install and service studio lighting fixtures. 

The versatility and ease of installation and use make the IFF self-climbing hoists the ideal solution for high lighting grids and frequent set changes in television studios that require a quick and easy change of lighting sets.


More Info

ACTA30 combines innovative design with the highest standards of construction and ease of installation for payloads up to 160kg. The ACTA30 incorporates the luminaire suspension pipe or rail, the relevant safety switches luminaire power outlet, and a worm geared motor for raising and lowering the unit. To reduce the costs of the site installation and simplify it, the hoist is supplied with premounted rail to which the four wire ropes, the flip-flop power cable tray, and electrical terminal box are already attached. According to the safety rules DIN 15560-46, the ACTA30 is supplied with all latest safety devices.


FF3914 Standard version 
Batten pipe/IFF rail type 80 Suitable for 2 m - 4.5 m IFF rail or 48 mm Ø pipe
Gear motor Total gear ratio 100:1
Angle of slope 3°06'
Max torque 206N/m
Permanent lubrication
Lifting rope 4 x 4 mm Ø - 1200 kg breaking load/each
Lifting speed (average) 100 mm/s
Lighting circuits up to 9
Safety switches 1 + 1 adjustable for max and min position
1 +1 for limit, 4 for slack wire (one for each rope)
2 for overload (1 for each balancer)
Flip flop cable guide Folder cable, aluminium profile available upon request
Electrical motor feed  Flat cable for motor + control 4 x 2.5 mm2 + 2 x1 mm2
Electrical luminaires feed  Flat cable with size according to the sockets
Outlet options 32A IEC309, 16A IEC309, Schuko, BS1363, DMX, Audio, Video or other on reques
Terminal box Fitted and with connecting terminals
Travel Up to 13 m


Travel +/- 1% Closed height Max load without overload Max load including overload Weight*
8 m 1.10 m 160 kg 220 kg 130 kg ≈
9.5 m 1.18 m 150 kg 210 kg 133 kg ≈
11.5 m 1.24 m 130 kg 180 kg 136 kg ≈
13 m  1.30 m 120 kg 160 kg 140 kg ≈
*without lighting system




Download IFF ACTA30 Self-Climbing Hoist Datasheet