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The MINIVATOR II from Matthews is the taller and stronger version of our very popular MINIVATOR stands which Matthews first introduced over 10 years ago.


What's In The Box
Maximum Height 142" (361cm)
Loading Height 55" (140cm)
Maximum Load 80lbs (36.4kg)
Footprint 58" (150cm)
Weight 48lbs (21.8kg)


More Info

Matthews have beefed up the payload of the MINIVATOR II from 60 pounds to 80 pounds and added to the maximum height without sacrificing strength, safety or stability. A Rocky Mountain Leg makes the MINIVATOR II ideal for location work, and sturdy 4" casters, available as an accessory kit, finish off this versatile stand for stage use. The durable, double cable mechanism keeps both risers traveling at equal proportions with each turn of the handle ensuring firm and steady movement of the lighting fixture to the maximum height. Only 38 effortless turns will take the fixture to full height. A "Combo" dual purpose top casting allows for use of both Junior pin and Baby receiver fixtures.