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Matthews Reverse Stand

Matthews Reverse Stand is a reverse folding stand constructed using nuts and bolts for easy repair.

An innovative approach to folding a stand without compromising the stand's integrity or capacity. It's a tough little stand with a really neat feature!

The dimensions are particularly impressive when you compare the maximum height you're able to attain against the minimum folded length. And, it's lightweight, strong and extremely durable. However, should there be a need for repair, it's constructed using nuts and bolts - not rivets - making repairs a whole lot easier! Comes with 4 risers and a 5/8" pin. Now that's versatile!

Weight 2.5000
Capacity 11lbs (5kg)
Closed Length 22.75" (58cm)
Folded Base3" (7.5cm)
Maximum Height 83.5" (212cm)
Footprint 32 " (81cm)