Matthews Hollywood Arms

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Matthews Hollywood Arms are made of Stainless Steel and can come in black finish as well. T-Handles are ergonomically designed to allow for fast, efficient, safe tightening with little effort. Comes with our Hollywood Grip Head attached to one end, the strongest Grip Head in the business, and an additional Grip Head for positioning.

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655040 40" Grip Head, Stainless Steel Arm 4.25lbs (2kg)

B65504040" Grip Head, Stainless Steel Arm Black 4.25lbs (2kg)

655020 20" Grip Head, Stainless Steel Arm 3.25lbs (1.5kg)

B655020 20" Grip Head, Stainless Steel Arm Black 3.25lbs (1.5kg)

681013 40" Stainless Steel Arm 3.25lbs (1.5kg)

B681013 40" Stainless Steel Arm Black .25lbs (1.5kg)

681012 20" Stainless Steel Arm 2lbs (1kg)

B681012 20" Stainless Steel Arm Black 2lbs (1kg)