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Matthews Matthpoles

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Matthews Matthpoles are stronger and more durable than any similar product. Unique "expanding casting" provides the pressure for holding the Matthpole in place



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Used primarily in studios for mounting seamless paper and backdrops with the use of Super Mafer Clamps and Swivel U-Hooks; the Matthpole has also been used in a horizontal position behind the President of the United States to support small lighting fixtures, in campaign venues for many candidates, and probably in many places we don't even know about. Manufactured in three overlapping sizes, Matthpoles can be used in openings as small as 30" to 178" which is almost 15 feet without the need for extensions.

CAUTION: Because tubing can sag over long lengths and when weight is added, the Matthpole may become loose and could come down. It is therefore recommended that vertical Matthpoles with two Super Mafer Clamps mounted at right angles with a #209635 Swivel at each end be used to support the horizontal Matthpole. To avoid damage to the wall or ceiling, Matthpoles should only be used directly in line with studs.






Part # Description Weight (lb)
B427083 Mini Matthpole (30" to 53" / 76cm to 135cm) Black 3
B427082 Matthpole (53" to 97-1/2" / 135cm to 248cm) Black 3.5
B427080 Maxi Matthpole (99" to 187" / 252cm to 475cm) Black 7