Matthews Noga Arm

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The new NOGA Arms by Matthews: articulated, multi-jointed arms that are the strongest and most versatile yet in the industry, offering many more features and benefits than their predecessor. The redefined NOGA Arms are larger, longer, tougher and stronger than any other extended three-joint articulated arm on the market.



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NOGA Arms will hold smaller cameras, lights, monitors, props and other production accessories that require precise, extended positioning on set.

With one simple turn, NOGA Arm instantly and simultaneously locks - or releases - the system's three articulated joints, making it easy both to quickly position equipment or accessories and to modify the angle, skew or height of your fixtures in response to shot requirements.

With NOGA Arms - you set it...and forget it!!!

The NOGA Arm is compatible with a wide range of other Matthews products including stands, clamps, vacuum cups, ball heads and other items. Let your imagination run free with NOGA Arms by Matthews...



Model 350626 Medium
Load Capacity 13.2 lb / 6.0 kg
Length 10.5" / 26.6 cm

Model 350627 Large
Load Capacity 11 lb / 5 kg
Length 22" / 55.8 cm