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Meteor Lighting RISE


Indirect Asymmetric Luminaire

Introducing Meteor's latest breakthrough in the art and science of lighting is the Rise - a contemporary, indirect asymmetric luminaire with light shaping prismatic technology. Available in both sconce and pendant forms, it has 40,850 delivered lumens and is rated for both outdoor and natatorium use.


Elevating High Ceilings
This luminaire boasts a sleek, contemporary design that performs up to 40,850 lm. Its small form factor allows it to blend seamlessly to the space, and is modular by design. Allowing it to match a wide range of lighting requirements for high ceiling spaces.

Light Shaping Prismatic Technology
Offering smooth, uniform asymmetric distribution, the Rise uses the latest in light shaping prismatic technology whilst still maintaining a high 136 lm/w efficacy.

Colour Changing
For indoor applications, the Rise can be configured in Tunable white, and W + RGB, making this luminaire one of a kind. This can add a subtle yet dramatic flair to any project, in an indirect application.


More Info

Dual-Sided Monopoint Mounting
The Rise can be mounted in a single or dual pendant form with 20 degrees of adjustability. This back to back, monopoint mounting option consolidates the number of fixtures used, giving great luminaire spacing and simplifies electrical requirements.

Glare-Free Field Replaceable Visor

The Rise has 2 form factors to choose from. A standard option, with a short, contemporary look, and a Visor option for a classic look that completely cuts off any glare from the occupant’s perspective.







Download Meteor Rise Standard Datasheet

Download Meteor Rise Tunable White Datasheet

Download Meteor Rise WRGB Datasheet

Download Meteor Lighting Rise Standard IES Files

Download Meteor Lighting Tunable White IES Files

Download Meteor Lighting Rise WRGB IES Files