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OSRAM HMI 54315 6000W/DXS VS1 Lamp

OSRAM HMI 6000W/DXS VS1Double Ended Hot Restrike HMI Lamp to Suit

  • Older ARRI 6K Fresnels
  • Other fixtures requring 6000w Double Ended HMI lamp

More than 40 years ago, film and television producers turned to OSRAM, seeking an economical and efficient alternative to incandescent lights. From this request, the HMI lamp was born. The HMI technology has since received multiple prestigious awards ‰ÛÒ such as the OSCAR, the Primetime Emmy Engineering Award and the PLASA Innovation Award.

As a result, the HMI lamp family continues to be an integral part of film sets around the world. Thanks to their continuous improvement, HMI lamps have made film history again and again ‰ÛÒ many film productions would not be possible with the outstanding light of our HMI lamps. The powerful and effective HMI series will benefit the entertainment industry at every level, from professional film productions to small theatrical events.