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OSRAM CP110 93723 1200w 80v G22 Lamp

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OSRAM CP110 93723 1200W 80V G22 High-Performance Halogen Lamp

Developed specifically for the entertainment industry, the new 93723 lamp from OSRAM produces brilliant light and high luminance throughout its life. Thanks to very compact filament design (C-13D), the halogen light can be ideally focused, making OSRAM 93723 particularly efficient. In a luminaire with optimum optics its brightness is comparable with halogen spotlights equipped with lamps rated at 2,500 W.

This compact medium voltage halogen lamp is dimmable and can produce exceptional lighting scenes in warm white light at 3,200 K. The 93723 offers instant start-up, is extremely robust with a reinforced pinch seal and is suitable for many types of luminaires. It is easy to handle and has a life of 300 hours. This new lamp is already installed in the lighting systems from leading manufacturers for the entertainment industry in the USA and Europe.