OSRAM HMI 1800W/SE UVS Digital G38 Lamp

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HMI 1800W/SE XS OSRAM G38 Single Ended Hot Restrike Lamp To Suit The Now Famous ARRI M18

When film producers needed an economical and efficient replacement for incandescent lights, they turned to OSRAM, and the HMI lamp was born. For more than 40 years, OSRAM HMI lamps have supplied the film industry with a high intensity light in a colour temperature that closely simulates natural sunlight. The technology has received several awards and has remained an integral part of the film set across the world.

OSRAM has developed a new group of HMI lamps incorporating a doped UV Stop (UVS) quartz outer jacket, which reduces UVB and UVC emissions up to 99.9 %. UVS not only extends the life of fixture components, it also protects film crews and talent from UV radiation. Most importantly, HMI lamps equipped with UVS achieve these benefits without compromising performance.