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In theatre, light directs an audience to the action. Light also determines how an audience perceives every element on stage. From performers and sets, to costumes and props, let the vibrant, true-to-life colours of your production shine with Lok-it!

Part of the OSRAM Lok-it! Power Series, Lok-it! 1400/PS Brilliant are versatile discharge lamps made especially for stage applications. With a high . rendering index (CRI) of 95, the lamps closely approximate a natural light source, revealing accurate tones of everything they illuminate.

Not only do Lok-it! PS Brilliant lamps expose true nuances of color, they also provide uniform light emissions and a higher luminous efficiency than standard HDI lamps. Their compact size and short arc gap make the lamps suitable for use in smaller and brighter fixtures.

Lok-it! 1400/PS Brilliant feature safety-conscious ceramic bases that a provide plug-and-play option, as well as resistance to high voltage (up to 35V).

Benefits of Lok-it! Power Series at a Glance

  • Natural-looking light: CRI of 95 thanks to new filling, optimised electrodes and bulb geometry. Optimised filling for uniform light emission and a reduction in green tones.
  • Thermal resistance: ZrO2 coating, eXtreme Seal (XS) Technology, and design improvements deliver thermal resistance of ~ 500C
  • Extra power: Improved ceramic base, better burner design, and optimised filling give an on-demand power boost
  • User-friendly: Plug-and-play bases facilitate ease-of-use


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