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0700-53** BL/WH

Pathway Connectivity Choreo NSB

Choreo NSB is a system of modular buttons and slider wall station inserts that are fully compatible with the Cognito 2 and Choreo lighting control platforms. Design the wall station needed, from single-gang up to six-gang. Ethernet-based, any button or slider may be associated with memories recorded in a Cognito 2 or Choreo. 

  • Attractive Decorator-style design in white or black, compatible with Pathway Connectivity or third-party faceplates
  • Master/slave inserts available as single or double sliders, or as two or four buttons
  • Ethernet wiring topology
  • Master inserts run on Power-over-Ethernet; slave inserts simply plug into the master to create the desired layout
  • Associate buttons and sliders with Memories recorded on a Cognito2 or Choreo controller on the same network
  • Button behavior mimics Memory's recorded button actions
  • Discovery and configuration from within Cognito2 or Chorez

0700-5301 BL/WH
Two Button Slave Station Insert
0700-5302 BL/WH Four Button Slave Station Insert
0700-5303 BL/WH One Slider Slave Insert
0700-5304 BL/WH Two Slider Slave Insert
0700-5311 BL/WH Two Button Master Insert
0700-5312 BL/WH Four Button Master Insert
0700-5313 BL/WH One Slider Master Insert
0700-5314 BL/WH Two Slider Master Insert

5001 BL/WH Faceplate, One Gang
5002 BL/WH Faceplate, Two Gang
5003 BL/WH Faceplate, Three Gang
5004 BL/WH Faceplate, Four Gang
5005 BL/WH Faceplate, Five Gang
5006 BL/WH Faceplate, Six Gang

*Images for illustrative purposes only.