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Quartzcolor Studio LED X2 Plus LED Fresnel 60W


With the features of the renowned QUARTZCOLOR Fresnel spotlights and the latest progress in LED technologies, the Studio LED X Series PLUS BI-COLOR is the innovative Fresnel range that provides the ability to regulate the color temperature from a minimum of 2700°K to a maximum of 6500°K. The Dimming and the CCT are controlled by two different potentiometers, and the high lumen density COB LED array allows true color reproduction and a pure, bright, and consistent white light.

Investing in LED fixtures brings immediate benefits in terms of savings: dramatically reduced power consumption, 50,000+ hours LED engine life vs 150 hours of a traditional halogen lamp, reduced AC requirements, no dimmers required, practically no maintenance and spare parts required thanks to the lack of heat.

  • Dynamic adjustable CCT from 2700K to 6500K
  • Optimised combination of steel, die cast and aluminium for both sturdiness and lightweight
  • High-quality epoxy powder coating protects against corrosion
  • Scratch resistant black non-reflective housing
  • Specifically designed optics with large size lens
  • Side mounted pole operated focus mechanism easily repositioned to manual use
  • Stainless steel wire focus system for a smooth and precise focusing action, maintenance-free
  • High-efficiency convection cooling, super silent fan, 3 presetting fan speed
  • Die cast aluminium accessory support brackets positioned in an X shape for true barndoor rotation
  • Easy running accessory support brackets and lower accessory support bracket fitted with barndoor safety catch (extra safety)
  • Spring loaded top hinged bracket for very quick opening and closing, and for easy accessory fitting and removal
  • Hinged lens door allows easy access for lamp replacement
  • Front rigging hook
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Compatibility of parts throughout the range
  • CE mark
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy


Operational Data  
Power consumption 60 W
Supply voltage 80-260 Vac, 50-60 Hz, autosensing
Tilt recommended angle of use -90° / 0° / 90°
Focus adjstment

Manual rear focus knob and direct adjustment drive focus mechanism (MO version)

Pole operated side mounted gear box and focus adjustment mechanism positioned on side of the unit  (PO version)

Barndoor diameter 169 mm
Safety mesh Stainless steel safety mesh 25 mm x  25 mm
IP rating IP 20
Max operating ambient temperature -10° -  40°
Optical Data  

Fresnel 130 mm ø, low expansion borosilicate

Fresnel lens on spring Teflon supports

Beam angle 12° to 48°
Correlated Color Temperature from 2700 K to 6500 K
CRI > 90
Mechanical Data  
Cooling High-efficency convection cooling, super silent fan, 3 presetting fan speed
MO mounting Manual U-shaped flat stirrup with 16 mm (5/8") socket
PO mounting Pole Operated U-shaped stirrup, pan & tilt clutch gear mechanism for manual override, 28 mm (1 1/8") spigot

Electronic 16-bit, 0-100% fully adjustable

Variable CCT (2700K to 6500K)


Local via encoder (dimming and CCT)

Remote via DMX-RDM

Setting, addressing, and testing via control panel, via RDM, and via USB port

Connections DMX In and Through 5-Pin XLR, USB port for firmware and software upgrade
MO version

In-line switch, 3 m bare ended cable

Plugs and customized cables upon request

PO version

1.5 m bare ended cable

Plugs and customized cables upon request


Weight (head)

3.5 kg manual version

5.0 kg pole operated version


Distance (m) 3 4 5 7 9
Spot 10° 2030 1142 731 373 226
Flood 49° 350 197 126 64 39
Typical performance based on 3200K
Distance (m) 3 4 5 7 9
Spot 10° 2300 1294 828 422 256
Flood 49° 394 222 142 72 44
Typical performance based on 5600K



More Info 

    A high-resolution LCD graphic display to guarantee an immediate access to dimming and color temperature set up, to operate and control the system status, to show the LED internal temperature and the dimming level both in remote and manual mode.


    USB port is fundamental for this product because it allows a fast and rapid diagnostic of the spotlight and it will guarantee a great support for the technician that can connect directly the Fresnel to the PC for diagnostic testing, software and new features upgrades too.


    With a dedicated potentiometer, the user can immediately shift and modulate very smoothly the lighting fixture from a minimum of 2700°K to a maximum of 6500°K. The other one, instead, controls and ensures a fine and very smooth Dimming.


    The 16-bit electronic driver ensures an accurate and fine dimming   (0 – 100%) without any steps, even in the lower range; this LED driver guarantee a super smooth Dimming.


    The RDM control function allows the operator to have a feedback of the main functionalities of the Fresnel to the console where he will be able to change the address of the spotlight after the installation from the console. The user can address all the fixtures in a DMX network as well.


    More compact for easy operation.


    The quality of the high lumen density COB LED array true color reproduction and a pure, bright and consistent white light.


    An internal thermal sensor, who detects the Fresnel temperature while operating, that will automatically control and stabilize constantly the temperature of the spotlight's LED.


What's In The Box

LD27630B - Studio LED X2 PLUS BI-COLOR Fresnel 60W MO supplied with manual stirrup, stainless steel safety mesh, four-leaf rotating barndoor

LD27631B - Studio LED X2 PLUS BI-COLOR Fresnel 60W PO supplied with pole operated stirrup, stainless steel safety mesh, four-leaf rotating barndoor




Four-leaf rotating barndoor - 169mm Ø


Colour frame - 170mm Ø


Scrim set (one double, one single scrim, one half double scrim, one half single scrim) - 170mm Ø


Stage clamp 52mm Ø with 12mm hole and 16mm spigot


Junior pipe clamp with 28mm socket


Steel safety cable 2.5mm Ø, 70cm lenght

RC 212B

Aluminium stand, 3 risers, 90/280 cm, 16mm spigot, black, 9kg load


Aluminium stand, 2 risers, 118/273cm, air cushioned, 16mm spigot, black, 5kg load


Download Quartzcolor Studio LED X2 Plus LED Fresnel 60W Datasheet