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Spots Unlimited Gaffers Control Wireless DMX


With its robust design this DMX controller is a fixed value on set. Through its intuitive programming and uncomplicated method of operating an extensive background knowledge is unnecessary. Once the fixtures have been added, manipulation is very easy. All fixtures, their DMX-addresses and their intensity are easily consulted on one and the same screen. The built-in battery and WDMX-transmitter allow for a complete freedom of movement along the set.


  • Rugged design
  • Multi touchscreen 
  • Accurate adjustments through 7 endless turnable knobs
  • 7 flash Buttons
  • Intuitive programmin
  • Main screen overview of all variables
  • 14 adjustable fixtures
  • Expandable fixtures library
  • Software updates possible
  • WDMX transmitter
  • One master fader
  • Complete freedom of movement on set


GC28 Upgrade kit

UPGRADE KIT (available for all GC)

  • The existing hardware is fitted with a new main board
  • Faster processor and extra internal memory
  • Optional: upgrade from CRMX to Timo


  • 28 Fixture banks with each 4 fader pages (max 512ch) instead of 14 Fixture banks with 2 fader pages
  • 6 recordable scenes
  • Scenes can be easily controlled and adjusted in the cue page with individual fade times
  • Scenes can be played in a loop
  • Max 256 steps in a look up instead of 200 steps
  • Intensity channels also get 256 steps instead of 101(0-100%)
  • Firmware and library updates with USB stick
  • Possibility to save shows on a USB stick






Key features and basic control


Controlling the ARRI SkyPanel Protocol 30



Create and upload a library



Updating the firmware



Get started and download fixtures



Create new fixture with a lookup



Create a new simple lookup



Using import text for a lookup



GC28 Tutorials

Update firmware and library



Selecting pages



Working with cues



Combining cues and manual control



New function '0 flash' 



ARRI DMX extended colours




Integrated Library

ARRI, BB&S, Creamsource, Cineo, DMG, Astera, Quasar science, Carpetlight, Litegear, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Dedolight, Alladin, Exalux and more




Download Gaffers Control Firmware V2_107

Download Gaffers Control Fixture Profile GCstd83


Updating the firmware (GC14)


Update firmware and library (GC28)