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The high-output, SUMOLIGHT SUMOMAX LED light is ready for virtual production as an interactive lighting tool. Fully integrated into current control environments.
The modular and versatile light can perform as a keylight, hardlight, punchlight, spacelight, or softlight.



  • 650W Power (Boost Mode: 1350W)
  • Lightweight & Silent
  • 19 Pixel - VFX Ready
  • Up to 107000lx at 1m
  • Interchangeable Beam Angle with 20° Native Beam Angle
Mounting Yoke (standard) and Universal Pin
Ambient Temperature -20° C -40° C
Cooling Passive
Weight 17 kg without Yoke (20 kg with Yoke)
Dimensions 582 x 504 x 200 mm
IP Rating IP 65 incl. connectors and cables
Light sources RGBWW LEDs (full colour)
CRI >95
TLCI >99
Beam angle Native: 20° • Optional: 30°, 60°, 120° (With Interchangeable Lens Plates)
llluminance 3200 K 5600 K
1m 90 400 lx 107 000 lx
3m 17 400 lx 20 600 lx
5m 7 320 lx 8 600 lx
10m 1 830 lx 2 150 lx
Colour Temperature Range 1800 K – 10000 K
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Input Voltage AC 100 V - 240 V
Input Current AC Max. 11,6A@115VAC
Input Voltage DC 48 V (Battery Voltage Safety Range: 40 V – 60 V)
Input Current DC Max. 12 A@48 VDC
Power 650 W
Boost Mode: Max. 1350 W (Only available for AC Operation)
Protection DC Input Overvoltage Protection • Undervoltage Protection • Overcurrent
Dimming 0-100% with Super Smooth High Resolution in Standard Mode (PWM)
User Interface Touch Screen
Control Protocol Art-Net, DMX, CRMX (LumenRadio)
DMX/ Art-Net/ Lumenradio Personalities 16 personalities: 8 & 16 Bits, Single & Multi
Power Input AC: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP
DC: Neutrik 3 Pin male XLR TOP
Data Connectors Ethernet/ LAN: Neutrik etherCON TOP RJ45
DMX IN: Neutrik 5 Pin female XLR TOP
DMX THRU: Neutrik 5 Pin male XLR TOP
Sync: Neutrik 75 Ω BNC

More Info

The LEDs
Our engineering team built upon their previous success to create the full spectrum (RGBWW) 1800-10000K, 650 W SUMOMAX. That can also be used in virtual production as an interactive lighting tool. Fully integrated into current control environments.

Cooling System
Passively cooled, fanless, with no noise.

Modular Design
With considerable advantages when it comes to building light boxes, light walls or other arrays. Fixtures can be arranged to create what one needs to suit the job. For enhanced lighting creativity cells within the structure can be controlled as a group or individually.

Mounting & Rigging Accessories
The unique one-click quick-release connecting system effectively allows multiple fixtures to safely and easily combine into powerful unlimited size arrays. It provides a secure screw-free interface to truss systems, standard junior pins and other grip hardware.

Safe for indoor or outdoor use, SUMOMAX is IP65 rated for maximum safety compliance regardless of conditions.

Flexible Light-shaping
Thanks to its "swoptic" module interchangeable optics, beams may be enhanced and directed from narrow 20° native up to super wide 120°. For added illumination control, SUMOMAX works with an array of light shaping tools that transform it from a spacelight to softlight to a high intensity fixture.

Each fixture comes complete with an internal power supply, integrated touch screen, DMX, Art-Net and CRMX / Lumenradio. SUMOMAX is designed and engineered to seamlessly integrate with the existing SUMOLIGHT family.

Form Factor
Its streamlined, hexagonal profile measures:
582 x 504 x 200mm
22,9 x 19,8 x 7,9 inch

Effects & Pixel Mapping
Apart from the common effects, due to its high pixelation, it is capable of being controlled and serves as an interactive source for light reflections. Integrated into virtual production workflows.




 Download SUMOLIGHT SUMOMAX Firmware 1.1.0 Firmware