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The Light Bridge CRLS C-100


More surface, more output, more options: optimised for INT & EXT locations.

The C-100 Kit frame has round edges that are safe for use in tight locations, including rigged on truss and in all weather conditions. Four holes on the corners of the frames are available for rope-ties. The clamp levers of the frames have a special designed C-Friction, which secures the lever and prevents it from coming unscrewed. Further, the corners are easily replaceable when undergoing wear and tear.


  • Round corners for indoor use.
  • Holes for ropes to handle the frame on top stick.
  • Lock lever friction system that doesn’t lose it’s friction.
  • Replaceable plastic corners and exchangeable reflectors.
  • Upgrade option: detachable yoke for easier transport in smaller vans.


What's In The Box

1x Frame with 2 Cine Reflectors 100x100 cm (DIFF 1&2)
1x Frame with 2 Cine Reflectors 100x100 cm (DIFF 3&4)
4x C-Protection Pads
1x Cleaning Kit