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The Light Bridge CRLS C-Wheel Male Spigot

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The new Light Bridge CRLS 2.0 C-Wheel Male.

A special, intuitive Grip for mounting the C-Reflectors. Easy, fast and safe!

It has an industry standard male baby pin, 16mm.

The special wedge will hold firmly by just tightening it gently. This makes it faster to mount, easier to handle.


More Info

The C-Wheel will hold the C-Reflector firmly up to 3G force, so you can mount them on cars or rig them on wind exposed areas.

It has special sliding plastic, so exchanging the C-Reflector after it has been rigged will go easily and silent.

A special plastic ring within the C-Wheel will prevent the Wheel from jamming when opening up the C-Wheel completely.

The C-Wheel has a safety wedge that will break at 0.5Kn. (So if the stand falls over, the wedge will break, the reflector will be unharmed.)

You can replace the C-Wheel with an aluminium  rigging wedge if you don’t want the safety wedge. (Like rigging high above people for long term jobs)

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What's In The Box

1x C-Wheel male
1x Safety