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Velvet Light Cyc 4



VELVET CYC are cyclorama and wash RGBW asymmetrical fixtures specially designed to evenly wash backgrounds and to create not only any homogeneous colour but also horizontal gradient colour effects thanks to their multiple light engines. Every VELVET CYC consents the individual control of each of its battens.

  • Built-in AC power supply to run exclusively AC from 90V to 264V
  • 4x horizontal light battens individually controlled
  • 2x XLR5 connectors (In and Through) for DMX-RDM wire control
  • Wi-Fi Art-Net wireless remote control


COLOUR TEMPERATURE Continuously adjustable from 2.500K to 10.000K
LIGHT INTENSITY Dimmable 0 to 100, smooth and flicker-free
GREEN/MAGENTA CORRECTION Continuously adjustable (full Plusgreen to full Minusgreen)
COLOR CONTROL MODES CTT mode, HSI+ mode, GEL mode, RGB+ mode, EFFECTS mode
LOCAL CONTROL Shock proof buttons and color display
WIRE CONTROL DMX-RDM with XLR-5 IN & OUT connectors
TLCI INDEX 94 TLCI 3200K and 98 TLCI 5600K
PHOTOMETRICS 550 Lux / 50 fc over a background of up to 5 meters
BEAM ANGLE asymmetrical adjustable:
horizontal beam angle 45º
vertical beam angle adjustable 45º to 95º
DIMENSIONS 340x205x148mm / 13.4” x8” x5.8″
WEIGHT 4.9kg / 10.8 lbs. including yoke
POWER SUPPLY 90-264 VAC 50/60Hz
LED RATED LIFE more than 50.000 hours L70
more than 35.000 hours L80
POWER CONNECTION Neutrik PowerCon TRUE1 TOP in and out connectors
OUTPUT FREQUENCY flicker-free up to 2000fps
COOLING no-noise, fan-free passive cooling
PROTECTION IP21dustproof, indoor or outdoor protected use
VELVET LED CYC TECHNOLOGY RGBW high-power selected BIN LED core unit + multi Fresnel system
RIGGING OPTIONS aluminum yoke with 16 female combined with 28 pin, swivel ball head, pole operated yoke
QUICK MOUNTING ACCESSORIES removable barn doors, flight case
CONSTRUCTION & FINISH Black anodized extruded aluminum and black powder coated sheet aluminum


More Info

Individual light engines for horizontal effects

Every VELVET CYC consents the individual control of each of its horizontal battens to create gradient colour effects thanks to their multiple light engines.

This unique individual light engine control allows to create perfectly homogeneous colour backgrounds or to create soft white or coloured gradients with different degrees of saturation but you can even combine different colours creating horizontal colour mixtures with infinite creative possibilities,

Beam angle variation

Unlike any standard Cyc light the articulated structure of the VELVET CYC fixtures lets you easily and mechanically change the vertical beam angle by simply bending the fixture in or out.

The vertical beam angle adjustability combined with the individual light engine control lets you fine tune your light to get homogeneous illumination over any kind of flat or infinite background.

Silent and cool light

The VELVET CYC runs completely silently, with no fans to service.

Smooth Theatrical dimming

Advanced electronics and software provide smooth step-less dimming down to zero at any colour setting. For further precision includes three dimming curves.

Cost effective background light

You only need to display the luminaries along a row 1,5 meters out of the background and separated 1,35 meters among them.

VELVET CYC 4 unique asymmetrical optic design provides cost effective and quick installation using a single row of luminaries to wash up to 5 meters high backgrounds
VELVET CYC 4 consumes 80W and covers a 1.35m x 5m high background– 550 Lux homogeneous beam

Powerful output for Broadcast and Film

The VELVET CYC has been specially developed to get a powerful and homogeneous beam of 550 Lux as requested on broadcast and film productions.
VELVET CYC delivers a wealthy Lux/fc level on the backgrounds and it is flicker free up to 2000 fps for high speed recording.

Total Control built-in

VELVET CYC can be fully, quickly and easily controlled in any possible way.

Wireless control

Wi-Fi Art-Net to control from Smartphone or tablet with any third-party application or device.

Wire control

DMX-RDM through XLR-5 in and out connectors

Local control

The colour display offers unlimited possibilities, quick user-friendly control and shock-proof buttons.

Gels list are displayed as colours

White light or colour adjustment preset is always visible on its real colour.




Download Velvet Light Cyc 4 Datasheet