DoPchoice SnapBag 8ft DoubleHEX for Fat-Rabbit Frame

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DoPchoice SnapBag 8ft DoubleHEX for Fat-Rabbit Frame

The patent-pending DOUBLE-HEX SNAPBAG® for the FAT-RABBIT is an eight-foot version of the originals in a new nearly-round, double hex shape. It offers all the benefits that have made SNAPBAGS® a go-to staple on sets worldwide, including a highly reflective interior to even out the illumination while maximising output. And set-up is just as intuitive as with its little brothers. Wait until you see this FAT-RABBIT's 8-ft diameter, genuine MAGIC CLOTH®®. And when the day is shot, the system folds down into its own carry bag.



Product Number

Safety Instructions

fits on FAT-RABBIT™ FRAME including Magic Cloth front screen and carry bag

L x W x H
247 x 247 x 115 cm / 6 kg
97.2 x 97.2 x 45.3 in / 13.2 lb
L x W x H
116 x 57 x 15 cm / 6.3 kg
45.7 x 22.4 x 5.9 in / 13.9 lb
Patent No
Patent US 8014654 / US 8824877 & others pending


What's In The box

including SNAPBAG, 1 Diffusion and Carry Bag